Improve your English writing skills

English language has shortened the gaps between countries. Nowadays it is very trendy to focus primarily on communicative skills and neglecting writing as a method of learning an English language. Though it is essential to make yourself understood in speech, writing as such is at least as important as the ability to speak. The more written exercises you solve, the more you’ll be able to see correspondences of English, not to mention the fact that nowadays written English is one of the main tools of workplace communication (e.g. emails or chat) sometimes even if you’re sitting next to the person you work with. It is quite embarrassing to make spelling or other type of mistakes on your own language so it would be the same in you as well.

1. Take Notes: It might sound a bit childish but don’t forget to take notes during classes and do all your homework! People seem to have forgotten to write down what the teacher says and the lack of time results in lack of homework. It is very demanding to study something while at the same time you’re working, but learning a language always requires a lot of effort and practice.

2. Translation: Translating tasks are not very popular nowadays, though can be useful for those you enjoy it.

3. Multi-lingual communication: Start communicating with your foreign friends. This-provided lasts long enough-has always been and will be a quite useful way of improving your English written language.

4. Learn and Practice the fun way: Search interactive websites that provide online practice and correction! Like Quiz let or Using English.

5. Inculcate habit of using it in daily life: Utilize social media! There are great number of online platforms where you can share, chat and comment and all that in English! How to Learn English in a new way!

6. Start Blogging: Improve your English writing skills by blogging. Check out this post: 7 Real Ways Blogging Can Make You A Better Teacher And Learner.