English may be becoming popular across the globe, but there are still many places and people who are not comfortable with this language. Visiting a new place can be a scary experience for a lot of people, not only because it could entail speaking in a language that most people are not comfortable with English. If you are born a native English speaker, then you will have no problem speaking English naturally. But for those people whose mother tongue is not English, this can be a problem. So how can you avoid this kind of situation? Learn how to speak English fluently. Most people think that this is easier said than done, but in reality, it is actually easy to speak fluent English. English is the universal language, and this universal concept makes it one of the easiest languages to master. Here are 6 English speaking tips you must know to become a more confident English speaker.

Listen first

One of the best English speaking tips is to listen carefully to understandable English every day. Practice listening. Most people turn to textbooks to study English grammar rules, but you cannot learn the correct English pronunciation of the words by just mere reading them.

Do not be too conscious on the grammar

Yes, it is important to learn the basic grammar rules in English. However, you do not need to learn grammar in detail because this can distract you from speaking English fluently. Most people tend to concentrate more on not committing any grammatical errors while talking, so oftentimes, their accents become stilted. Grammar rules make you think about English when what you want to do is to speak better English naturally without sounding too forced.

Practice makes perfect

The cardinal rule in English speaking – practice, practice, practice! Studies show that you’ll probably spend three months of practice everyday in order to have strong mouth muscles and get the hang of in speaking a new language. Read aloud in English for 15 to 20 minutes a day in front of the mirror. Try the articulation exercises which help in accent reduction or neutralization in order for you to improve your English communication skills.

Be more confident
- Confidence is very much required to learn anything. All these English speaking tips will be in vain if you are not that confident on your English speaking skills. It is quite natural to commit errors when learning a new language. Even native English speakers commit grammatical errors every now and then. Do not be too hesitant when speaking because this can make you stammer or make the conversation sound stilted and too forced. But, do not also speak too fast because it will be difficult for people to understand you. Maintain a normal speaking rate.