Online English Writing

Online English Writing test is a test of checking and grading the understanding of language. The following on-Line English language test has been devised by BBSI to enable potential students to ascertain their current English language levels and study English in England at our English Language School and Business College in the south-coast resort of Bournemouth. We would emphasize that the test is designed as an approximate gauge only for the purposes of deciding which of our many English language courses, business English courses and specialized courses might be suitable for you to study. Once we know your test score, we will be in a position to provide you with appropriate advice.

This test generally comprises of 55 questions and it tests all levels of English from Beginner to Advanced levels. You must complete all 55 questions and submit your result to BBSI and provide some indication as to your preferred course for study.  We will then respond to you and advice you accordingly for the course to be chosen. Good luck! We hope that you find the test enjoyable. It should not take you long very long to complete as it is not that difficult for someone who has a good understanding of this language.

I’m going to teach you something that I think is quite interesting and useful. Maybe it’s something you’ve never thought of before.  You might laugh. It’s kind of funny actually.  Here is a funny thing about “Native English speakers”. Many of them can’t write. I’m not talking about being a novelist or someone with the skill to write a Harry Potter Novel.  I’m saying that many Native English speakers write quite poorly when it comes down to writing skills.

There is something interesting though, I can always tell easily who is a non native speaker and who is native just by reading their writing pieces. Mostly, the non-native speakers writing might actually be better than the natives. The reason I can tell is not from grammar or someone having a larger vocabulary. It’s that the non native English speaker uses too many big words and at the wrong times. It feels weird.  Not wrong necessarily, but strange.

The way to write like a native speaker is to do a lot of reading and to get advice from a native speaker or someone with amazing English.  They will be able to tell you what is weird about your writing.  You need to listen to them and make changes.  You need to pay close attention to the way native English speakers write.  They also don’t care much about their grammar and spelling.  When they speak or write they care more about the feelings attached with it.  You need to learn from that.  I don’t remember much of what I learned in English class when I was in school, but it doesn’t matter.  I learn “on the fly” from reading people who write better than I do.  Then I try to copy to some extent.  If you aren’t a native English speaker, there are ways to learn to write like one very quickly.  I’ve made a whole course out of this on this site and it will really help you in your life.