English Writing Skills

Writing a proper Email can make a huge positive difference in both your business and social lives.  Everyone (normal people) has an email address and use it daily.  You need to practice if you want to improve.  Of course, you need to know exactly WHAT to practice or your emails won’t get any better.  I’ve outlined 5 of the best tips I can think of for improving the quality of your email writing.

Write your emails short and to the point.

A lot of people really make huge mistakes with this one.  Unless you are writing to your best friend about some amazing story that you know he or she would love, most people are busy and they don’t want to waste half their day reading some email just because you wrote it.  There is so much information on the internet these days that we don’t have the time to read everything.  Think about how many books you bought but didn’t finish.  If people start getting bored, they stop reading.  Don’t use a lot of big words for no real reason other than showing off your English level.  Native speakers don’t write that way.  Remember that you are writing an email and not a novel.

Think about who you are writing to.

There is really no right or wrong way to write an email.  A good way to judge the success of an email is whether the other person read it, understood it, enjoyed it, and either responded to it or did whatever you wanted them to do.   Most people read less than 10% of their emails.  There is so much junk mail and boring and pointless mail.  You want the person to actually be excited to get something from you so give it to them.  Don’t be fake but write for them and not for you.  Your mom will want to hear a different style than your friend will.  Your boss or potential customer will also require a different style.  Use your common sense but just remember to think of this when you are writing.

Remember that email is at least semi-casual and not too formal.

There is so much trash on the internet and our email inbox and junk mail folders are always flooded.  Often this garbage is from companies trying to sell you something you don’t want.  They then do it in a very awkward and overly formal way.  I’m sure you’ve seen this A LOT!  Anway, even if you somehow open the email, as soon as it says “Dear sir/madam” you will start getting ready to stop reading.  It’s insulting and looks fake.  No one wants to read some email that looks like a computer wrote it.  This is the time to be friendly and maybe even a bit funny.  Show your human side.  Computers aren’t funny.  Real people aren’t too formal either.  It’s far better to write like a real person, even if you make the odd mistake, than it is to look fake.