English Writing Prompts

Don’t you just hate writer’s block? Some say it’s a disease that only attacks creative workers. Some say it’s a curse. Others argue that it doesn’t exist at all. But just about everyone has been there sitting in front of a blank screen, fingers itching to create a masterpiece. And nothing comes.

For me, the most bizarre thing about writer’s block is that it strikes randomly. Most of the time, I’m overwhelmed with ideas more than I can possibly write about. Then, out of the blue, I’ll sit down and just go blank. Sure, I flip through my notebooks and review all the ideas I’ve had, but nothing feels right. I want something fresh. I need a new angle.

Luckily, I have several books and other writing resources that are packed with writing exercises and creative writing prompts. Sometimes, all it takes are a few words to get me started, and then I’m off, writing into the sunset.

Here at Writing Forward, I’ve published poetry prompts, journal prompts, fiction and poetry writing exercises, but today I’d like to try something different. Here’s a mash-up of creative writing prompts. There are no rules. Write a poem. Write a short story. Write an essay. Aim for a hundred words or aim for a thousand. Just start writing. Take off and fly, and have fun.