English Writing And Grammar

When you're in a hurry. The Grammar Handbook from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is a clear, primarily text-based source organized by subject. Jack Lynch's Grammar and Style Notes is a well-written, literate, and lively guide to a host of grammatical issues.

But wait, there's more! In-depth guides. About.com's Richard Nordquist has an extensive, informative collection of grammar-related articles on his Grammar and Composition site. Dr. Nordquist illustrates his points with copious examples of good writing, taken from authors ranging from George Eliot to Jon Stewart. This entertaining and instructive site is the first place you should go when the first place you went wasn't enough.

Some on-line guides include not only in-depth information, but quizzes that let you test your knowledge. One such site is Daniel Kies' Modern English Grammar. Mr. Kies describes grammar as a matter not just of form, but of function: we arrange our sentences in a certain way in order to accomplish certain things. Site demands JavaScript. For another effective user interface, try the Hyper grammar at the University of Ottawa. Rather than leave you alone in a corner with an undefined grammatical term, it allows you to click on the term for a definition and an extended discussion. For an even more comprehensive source, try Darling's Guide to Grammar and Writing, a nicely designed, well-organized guide to matters from sentence structure to essay structure. Besides taking quizzes on a host of standard grammatical topics, readers can click on button to see a random notorious confusable.

Better grammar through nostalgia. Finally, those of us who learned our grammar on TV can return to Schoolhouse Rock (use your popup blocker), a site -- or rather a shrine devoted to the old Schoolhouse Rock songs, including several about grammar. If you want the lyrics to Conjunction Junction and other anthems of the Saturday morning pre-teen set, then this site is for you. For an even greater nostalgia bath, try searching Youtube for Schoolhouse Rock. As of our last update, Conjunction Junction and several other Schoolhouse Rock favorites had been posted there by public-spirited grammar fans.