Concentration English Writing

English writing is not an easy task for everyone. Creative writing at Yale is set in the context of a university where the arts flourish. Its four schools of the arts-- Drama, Music, Art, and Architecture--and its long tradition of nurturing students with superb artistic gifts make it among the great places of the world for undergraduates to develop their talents.  The arts at Yale are not merely a classroom activity; they are an integral part of life. As writers and artists, undergraduates are surrounded by other students, faculty, and visitors whose own projects and presentations ensure an unusually sophisticated creative environment. Each year the English Department brings to campus some of the most accomplished writers of the world.  Creative writing is thus closely connected to the culture of the arts that distinguishes Yale in general. English is now considered as a global language. Almost all countries now focus on English for a global development.

The philosophy of the Yale program is that the study of creative writing should occur in the context of a larger study of literature. Wide, deep reading is imperative to good writing. An understanding of the traditions of literature, and close familiarity with the best that has been written, are essential to the difference between mere fluency and great writing.  And where, except for solitary reading, is a key place to get this background, if not in college?

Students in the Writing Concentration take at least four required courses: these include intermediate and advanced courses in writing, at least two of which focus on one genre and at least one in another.  The goal is to develop strong writers' skills in concert with fine readers' insights, and students complete at least 11 courses in the major in addition to writing concentration courses.   In the senior year, students complete the Writing Concentration Senior Project, in which they produce a single sustained work or a portfolio of shorter works. Like the senior essay, the senior project is read and commented on by a second faculty member who confers with the project's advisor. Students present their work in an annual evening group reading called "The Concentrators Ball" Annually.

Students from all disciplines in Yale College enroll in the department's writing courses.  Often, students take a creative writing course or two as part of larger study in the liberal arts. Or they take English 120, "Reading and Writing the Modern Essay," or Yale's famous course, "Daily Themes," in which students write 300 words daily and attend a weekly lecture and weekly tutorial to test their non-fiction powers or improve their writing fluency.  In many semesters, Yale's residential college seminars also include some courses in creative writing.

The English department's upper-level writing courses are usually open to all students on the basis of the instructor's judgment of their work. Instructions for the submission of writing samples for admission are available in LC 107. Students may in some cases arrange a tutorial in writing, normally after having taken intermediate and advanced levels. writing courses.